Frequently Asked Questions

Water For The Global Community has partnered with Pristina Capital Partners to donate Axenika water filtreation systems in countries around the world.  Axenika provides Manual Water Filter System, foot pedal, and electric with battery units.  Once the unit is installed, we work with the local community to maintain the equipment as well as conduct ongoing water testing.  

We have proudly been able to help bring clean drinking water to communities in Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Haiti, Indonesia, Panama and the Philippines.

There are two recurring issues that we deal with.  First, building partnerships with communities and other Non-Profits that allow for ongoing open dialog.  Having open communication helps us to improve the water solutions and ensures that we provide valuable water crisis solutions to the community.

Second, we often face issues with the logistics of providing solutions, particularly Axenika Purification Systems, to the communities once they enter the destination country.  We work in developing nations and disaster areas and logistics are often a challenge.  We continually strive to improve relationships in order to streamline the process.  

The best way to do this is to fill out our Contact Form and describe your opportunity. 

Yes.  We will run individual GoFundMe campaigns for individual initiatives.  You can select which campaign you would like to fund.  You can also donate directly to Water For The Global Community through the PayPal donate buttons on our website.

Got A Question?

Feel free to contact us if you have a question. Fill out the form on the contact page or email us. We will do out best to respond in a timely manner.