Our Approach

Providing clean drinking water and education to communities worldwide

Our approach to clean water solutions is simple: we find local partners who can identify the need for water filtration systems in communities that lack sufficiently clean drinking water. Then, through the installation of the Axenika system, and through close coordination with our partners on issues of logistics, maintenance, and technical improvements, we make a positive, undeniable impact in the lives of the local people.

The partnerships we have made, and the initiatives we are pursuing, are as diverse as they are impactful.  We have developed strong relationships with many global organizations, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture.    We have worked in the Philippines with the Red Cross, in Indonesia with the United Way, and in Haiti with the Louis Lamonthe Foundation.  In Africa, our relationships have allowed us to make a real difference for communities in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. As we continue our mission, we want our successes to speak for themselves, and allow us the opportunity to do even more for the people of our world.  

However, we cannot do this alone.  If our mission to bring water to the thirsty is to succeed, we need boots on the ground where the thirst is greatest.  This is why the key to our success is establishing local partnerships with individuals who have the talent and passion to see our projects through to the end.  What we most look for in a partner is a person or organization that is committed to our mission and our team, and that is willing to work hard to increase our footprint in the local community.  That means that partners will: work closely with us to identify how we can improve our methods; keep us informed on the impact our work is having; quantify the impact we have had on their community; and build the relationships that will allow us to serve other communities in need.